How to plan for your party

Lots of kids coming?

Most kids will want to wait in line and spend the whole party watching me instead of enjoying themselves.  To avoid this issue have numbers ready for each of them, then they can come back when it is there turn.  This also allows me to put all my attention on the child in front of me, which helps with the end result. 

How long is set up?

Can you provide a small table and 2 chairs? If yes, then my set up is less than two minutes.  If I have to bring in furniture, then it takes longer.  I will be there about 5 minutes before the start time.  If you want me there earlier, please let me know.

How much do I charge?

For the most part, my hourly rate is $75.  Higher if I have to drive farther (like $5-$10 more).  

If you have a larger event, I can bring another artist.  I am happy to give you a quote for two people for those events with 40 or more guests.