All about Starburst Face Painting


What we use

We use only the highest quality face paint and cosmetic grade glitters.

Payment Polices

No deposit is required, however payment is required at the event. We accept cash, check and Venmo.

Can we paint all ages?

I do not recommend face paint on faces of children under the age of 2, in keeping with the manufacturers recommendations. This is because it is very difficult to paint any child that is unwilling or crying. I am happy to do a design on the hand or arm if the child is willing.

What if my child is sick?

I reserve the right to not paint the face of persons with open cuts, abrasions, blisters, rashes, pink eye, runny noses, fever or other obvious signs of contagious health issues.  I am happy to substitute a design on the person's hand or arm in these if appropriate.

How do I get my paint off?

I do not recommend face paint to be left on overnight.  If you choose to do that it is at your own risk and I recommend a towel or old pillow case to be used to prevent staining. The best way to remove face paint is a baby wipe or wet paper towel with a little lotion.  Some colors are more resistant, so a coconut oil on the baby wipe will loosen the pigment and allow you to remove the face paint more thoroughly.

Tattoos and Henna

Tattoos generally last 3-5 days. Suncreen, lotion or rubbing will cause tattoos to fade much sooner. Although they are waterproof, consecutive days of swimming will wear on the tattoo.

To Remove: apply lotion and allow to sit, then gently wipe away until completely removed.

Henna: Heat and time makes the henna darken. The longer it stays on your skin and the warmer you are, the darker the henna will be.